Tamara Ecclestone oozes charm in chic black cheap bodycon dress fit and knee high boots, she is at school speaker role

She knows her fashion cheap bodycon dress choice and her killer’s fitness.

Tamara Ecclestone oozes glamour, she stepped on Sunday at the independent school show Sunday in london.

The heiress, 33, took her curve as an elegant black rib bodycon dress, showing her slim waist, flat abdomen and chest, bringing her PERT.

Her chic dress collocation, stunning knee high boots.

Her black hair was a caramel speckled soft, shimmering curl, divided over her shoulder.

Ladies makeup by flying the false eyelashes, eyeliner and a beautiful pink lipstick.

She was the guest speaker of the event, and she started her new role effortlessly while chatting.

Tamara’s mother gave her three year old daughter Sophia, her husband and Jay Rutland shares.

The family was photographed on holidays, and Tamara turned himself into a mother.

She is an active advocate of breastfeeding and openly talks about this topic in various interviews.

In a recent British morning breastfeeding Sophia of 3 years old, she said: “I give so many ideas, think this is a very important thing, I hope in the future mother – and my daughter one day – not so much negativity or questions breastfeeding or to make such a big deal the.

I really think I decided to wean her and breastfeed until she doesn’t want it anymore, and it’s the right choice for me and her.

“There are so many children, and bottles, dolls, quilts and people, I don’t want it.” If someone wants to give their children a bottle of wine at night, it’s entirely their decision, so I just don’t understand, when you try to do the best thing for your child, why do people just want to pick a hole in it and look for something bad?.

In June 2013, Tamara and Jay paid seven million pounds for their wedding, and they said I had 150 guests in the most luxurious hotel in Vieira, france.

At the ceremony, Tamara was dressed in a fashion Vera Wang cheap bodycon dress, completing a 30 foot train and crystal corset.

She took her first dance as a cover of Lionel Richie love Mrs. Rutland’s endless, live performances, Mariah Carey hired by 2 million 500 thousand.

Sir Ayrton John also played an hour of work, his song “life cycle” from the soundtrack to the Disney film “Lion King”, dedicated to the happy couple. It is believed that the singer has a salary of 1 million pounds to attend.

The couple then held a marriage registration ceremony at Chelsea’s old town hall.

Tamara and Jay are now living in a 45 million pound house in Kensington Palace gardens.

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