It’s clothes, from chic cheap: a complex height, tight cheap bodycon dress now become its own popularity

You see them in the street, gobble up the night clubs, or stumble out of the ladies in cheap bodycon dress commuting every day, Bhutto in the ante.

They are Bodycon Babes, a fashion movement, far from the fashion food chain, now officially more fashionable than UGG snow boots, the last survivor. And I, a man, will dance on his grave. You know what it looks like. A tanned woman wearing a tight fitting garment is basically a vacuum packed body.

This is a bandage dress “the original HERV e L e GER with its ingenious design knitted elastic plate suction belly well, cheer up, abnormal chest bottom like giant fashion Spanx. So it should be, 1500 pounds a piece.

But if it’s a street robbery, it tends to stick to all the wrong places, and it looks like a split sausage bursting at the seams.

Because what started life in the revolution, the copy of the past 20 years, the clothing will inevitably become a sad pastiche – dress Norma Desmond, desperately clinging to its glory days.

However, designers and retailers seem to realize this fact at last. This season’s fashion magazine is full of elegant floral dress, full dress, lazy jeans and beautiful peasant blouses – such as clothes a woman really can eat, move and breathe.

About time, too. For fitness suits (short body consciousness) has become ubiquitous red carpet, not to mention the high street in the UK has been declining all the way from its heyday.

When peugnet first launched the “designer HERV bandage” – from more often with a thick strip holding my underwear – his label HERV L in Germany in the early 90s, this exquisite project caused overnight.

The fabric is knitted rather than woven, and it has almost magical features when it comes to shaping women’s bodies.

Add a few graceful supermodel – Cindy Croft and Eva Herzigova – he began to riot.

Cindy Croft soon became the poster girl of the bandage bodycon dress (and depressed), 23 years later, I could still remember her iconic photos, tied up in 1993 Oscar prizes, white version with her boyfriend, Richard Gil, one day’s Leonardo Dicaprio.

I remember very well, because in 90s, like the other 20 things, I tried to wear a white bandage – though some other young women managed to get out of the locker room.

In a pale skinned little love I look like a matron fixed dressing too tightly.

“My clothes are designed for women who feel relaxed about their bodies,” the 1992 year old fashion told fashion, and she said, “if you don’t build it like a twisted goddess, go now.”.”

But the effect was so powerful that a single dress started the fashion movement, called fit and spawned a large number of followers, who spent extra time to run, good or bad.

The red carpet and jet in 90s are mainly made of super sexy gift wrapping skirt.

I remember walking into the Mayfair restaurant and Sanya maxun smart blonde hair hanging arm watch three old gentleman, wearing a bandage dress (or “dress” bound we derided them) and speaking with a Russian accent.

Soon, clothing wasn’t just a glamorous Eastern European blonde’s protective spray, but twisted up and down the red carpet to LA, thanks to Roland Mouret. In 2006, he launched the galaxy costume, whose waist, collar and the most important extra skinny figure make it a favorite for celebrities to show off every curve.

Cameron Diaz, Rachel Weisz, Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Watts, Beckham, Vitoria. You can’t move for women in skirts, they can’t go in.

The modern British designer Christopher Kane, dressed and Vitoria Beckham to create a super sexy cheap bodycon dress version of the built-in structure their slender waist and bottom with perfect combination of error, but the traffic stoppingly dignified and sexy.

However, for every gorgeous Cameron Diaz shows her beautiful body exquisite tailoring, soon appeared ten desperate reality TV star squeeze their perfect cheap Leica imitation and ended up wearing their breast implants in their ears.

Now no older big brother, low ranking person, or Essex is the only lifestyle star who doesn’t slip her fake tanned body, bodycon one night.

Toy Lauren Goodger cheap bodycon dress recently dragged onto a brand new low silver cut ensemble (‘dress is too generous to say), her breasts like two family size Easter eggs broken from aluminum foil packaging.

School “if you’ve got it, show off, it certainly seems to be walking on a night of Romford, White Van Man like his woman looking at gift wrapping.

It’s a secret, lasting success – most people like to fit. By jumping too large, culottes, bloomers and many other body enveloped the fashion trend of female worship, they love simple sexy tight skirt. In the right woman, anyway.

Even Patrick Couderc, I HERV GER UK managing director, groaning newspaper in August last year, clothing has become a victim of its own success, often imitate the right and wrong shaped women.

He also urged “sexy women and those very prominent buttocks and chest flat to avoid HERV L GER. He also said, “old women are still 50 years old and still insist” “everything shows you are 23.”

So he’s smart, 90% pairs of women, wearing cheap bodycon dress. Then, shocking news, the 54 year old Frenchman only lasted a few days, his work. What a surprise! But depriving French snobbery, maybe Couderc is a little bit. Not many people really want to let oneself by wearing a suit that fits the cold, whether it is the work of HERV L GER or cheap high street.

We want to wear fancy clothes, but we certainly don’t want to look like an old prostitute. We don’t want to spend the whole night wearing a straitjacket that limits meals, walks, and even breathing. Did you make a rational Vitoria corset?

In addition, the fashion atmosphere is much easier now. Chic MIDI dress, layers of chiffon, elegant dress. .

Let’s pray that the “less is more” trend can end with those horrible spray dresses where they deserve – in the garbage truck to the landfill site.

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