Date night! Ashley Graham couldn’t hide her husband’s Justin Ervin as the addition of a size model that made New York feel like a white fitting dress in CFDA

plus size bodycon dress

Ashley Graham couldn’t get her eyes from her handsome husband, Justin Ervin, to the CFDA Fashion Fund Award on Monday night in New York.

With the plus size bodycon dress model filled with happiness, she married her photographer 2010 hands.

Ashley, 30, looks amazing, and she shows her enchanting curves in her white, fitting clothes.

This rib plus size bodycon dress like a glove, clung to her hourglass figure, exposed a lot of cleavage.

This number has long sleeves, a chic shoulder trim, and an ankle.

Ashley said silver sandals, high-heeled shoes and earrings with silver, and a lot of gold earrings.

And cfdas is a fashionable highlight, attracting a lot of A-list stars every year, and Ashley and Justin decided to take it as a date night.

They share from the incident they leaned in close and kiss a few self timer.

This is the biggest party for Jo Jonas and Sophie Turner at Saturday’s official engagement party.

Last week, in London, Ashley became the prominent heroine, who won the annual plus size bodycon dress model award at Harper’s annual women’s award.

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